We sell top quality foam surround re edge kits at the best price.


Price: $17.99                   
  • Fits Advent 10" metal frame speakers. 
  • Your kit will ship out the next day in most cases.
  • Our kits directions are detailed and will take you step by step through the process of re-edging without removing the speaker dust cap or shimming the voice coil.  This is the best technique to preserve the speakers original functionality, sound  and originality.


  • 2 High quality foam surrounds

  • Adhesive

  • Detailed directions.

  • Adhesive spreaders


Advent 10"  speaker surround kit.  The surrounds in this kit were designed to fit Advent 10" drivers commonly used in the " Large Advent speakers".  The outer edge of the surround attaches to a metal frame.  The Advent 10 surrounds have a small diameter outside attachment edge and wider roll then standard 10" surrounds.  The kit comes with all you will need to re-foam two Advent 10" metal frame drivers.  Included are two high quality 10" surrounds, directions, adhesive, and adhesive spreaders.  The instructions take you through the process of re-foaming your driver without removing the dust cap, which is the best way to maintain the functionality, performance and originality of your driver.  The inside of the surround is flat which means that the inner attachment edge is flat where it attaches to the cone. 

Kit for 10" Advent Metal Frame $17.99

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Speaker surrounds are the weakest link in most modern speaker drivers.  The surround or speaker edge is the first part of a speaker to fail.  The rest of your speaker is designed to last much longer than the foam surround.  Given the relative ease in which our speaker surround kits install, it is a shame that many perfectly good speakers are thrown away just because the foam surround has deteriorated.  When you are finished replacing your speaker surround/edge your speaker will sound as good as it did when it was brand new and the fact is that it is hard to find speakers today that sound as good as some of the older quality speakers.  Replacing the foam surrounds/edges on your speakers is a great investment of your time and money. 

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