We sell top quality foam surround re edge kits at the best prices


Price: $14.99                   
  • Correct replacement for the Acoustic Research 8" driver. 
  • Your kit will ship out the next day in most cases.
  • Our kits directions are detailed and will take you step by step through the process of re-edging without removing the speaker dust cap or shimming the voice coil.  This is the best technique to preserve the speakers original functionality, sound  and originality.


  • 2  surrounds

  • 1 oz. Adhesive

  • Detailed directions.

  • Adhesive spreaders

Professional quality speaker surround repair kit for Acoustic research 8 inch speakers.  These surrounds are the correct replacement for A.R. 8 inch drivers.  This kit will fit AR 4, 4A, 4 AX, 6,7,8,9 mid, 10 mid, 15, 16,17, 18, 93, 94, 90 mid, 98, 25 BX, 35, 38S, TSW-210, TSW-420, TSW-710, 9 LS mid, M-6, and others.  The kit comes with all you will need to re-foam your 8 inch drivers.  Included are two high quality 8 inch speaker surrounds, directions, adhesive, and adhesive spreaders.  The instructions take you through the process of re-foaming your driver without removing the dust cap, which is the best way to maintain the functionality, performance and originality of your driver.

    Kit for AR 8" $14.99                                

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