Speaker cabinet hardware



Speaker Cabinet Pocket Handles

High quality pocket speaker handles.  They are great for the do it yourself project or as a replacement handle.  The opening size is 3 3/4 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches high and 2 7/8 deep.  They are made of a durable black plastic.  Handles are sold in pairs. 

$4.99 per pair

                                $4.99 per pair


Speaker Cabinet Metal Corner

Metal speaker cabinet corners.  Eight corners is enough for one speaker cabinet. They are black in color and measure 1 3/4 inches from the edge of the foot to the middle point.   These corners are great to replace your worn out original corners or for the do it your self cabinet builder.  The photo shows the top and the inside view of on cabinet corner.

 .99 Each 

                                .99 each


Speaker Cabinet Interlocking Corner

Interlocking speaker cabinet corners.  They are made of high quality durable plastic and interlock with each other to allow you to stack speakers.   The dimensions are 3 1/4 x 2 inches.   Pictured is a view of the top and the inside of the corner.

 .99 Each

                                                        .99 each


Amplifier Carry Strap

Replacement carry strap for your amp or speaker cabinet.   This is also great for those people who are building their own amps cabinets.  The total length is 9 3/4 inches long.  The closest screw to screw measurement is 8 1/4.  The furthest screw to screw measurement is 9 1/8. 

$4.99 Each

                                   $4.99 each

Rubber Amp feet / Speaker Cabinet Feet

These feet are heavy duty with a steel washer built into them to provide long life.  Our rubber feet are the highest quality available unlike others on the market.  You will be very happy with the quality of these. They can be used for power amplifiers, amplifier heads, speaker cabinets, or anything that requires rubber feet.  These feet are beefy and will provide your equipment with maximum protection.  See dimensions on diagram next to photo of foot for sizes.

1691 foot  $1.50 each

1692 foot  $1.75 each

1686 foot $1.75 Each

9105 foot $1.75 Each

1615 foot $1.75 Each



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